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    Bowen Island's Original Scooter Rental Company

  • What We Do

    Scooter Rentals to explore beautiful Bowen Island, BC 

    Scooter Rentals

    Hourly, Daily, Weekends or Longer

    Whether you need a scooter for a few hours, or a few days, we can accommodate your needs. Our Yamaha Vino 49cc scooters will allow you to explore the island, from its stunning beaches and trailheads to its many restaurants and shops.

  • When is Scooter Season?

    Zoom Zooming is so much more fun when it is sunny and the roads are dry....

    So, we are now closed for the winter...

    But...we ARE getting ready for spring and summer of 2017!

    Although our open and closing dates are partially dependent on weather, we aim to be open on April 15th and shut down on October 15th. We can still take pre-bookings for next year so just send us a message if you want to reserve 1 or all of the scoots for a day.


    Contact: bookings@zoomzoombowen.com

  • Scooters and Rental Rates

    It's the best way to explore the island...

    Yamaha Vino 50

    49cc Scooter

    The Vino is an easy-to-drive, retro-styled, automatic scooter with all the modern conveniences - a big comfy seat, front pocket, and spacious storage. Whether you are a first time or veteran rider, the Vino is the perfect choice for exploring Bowen Island's best destinations.


    Rental rates*

    2 Hours (minimum rental): $45.00

    4 Hours: $65.00

    Same Day**: $85.00

    24 Hours: $95.00

    2 Days: $170 ($85/day)

    3 Days: $225 ($75/day)

    4 Days: $260 ($65/day)


    *before applicable taxes (GST+PST)

    **Same day rental hours are from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm.


    Scooters can be rented anytime between 9:00 am and 6:30 pm. The latest drop off is 8:30 pm back in Snug Cove. We accept credit cards and cash only. We cannot accept debit cards or personal cheques.


    DELIVERIES: We can deliver to you - anywhere on island - for an additional fee of $10 per scooter, with the additional option of ending the rental at your accommodation or riding it to Snug Cove when you leave. Just tell us what you need!


    Note: Yamaha Vinos are designed for single riders only. Doubling is not permitted.

  • Exploring Bowen Island

    Whether you have come to the island to explore its artistic culture and galleries, hike its fern-lined trails, try sea kayaking, or enjoy a lazy sunset picnic on the beach, our scooters will get you there...with a 360 degree view.

    Natural Highlights


    Bowen Island is a great getaway for those who want to get outdoors and play. Bowen Island offers something for every kind of hiker, from gentle trails that meander around lakes and through verdant forests to a challenging climb up to the peak of Mt. Gardner. The pristine coastline is a dream location for paddle-boarders and kayakers. Our many public beaches offer great swimming, tidal pool exploration and a perfect sunset after a day of exploring Bowen's natural splendour.


    Helpful Links:

    Tourism Bowen Island

    Bowen Island Trails

    Bowen Island Kayaking

    Galleries and Artistic Culture


    Bowen Island is known for its rich artisan culture. Artisan Square, located a short scooter-ride up the hill from the ferry terminal, includes several artisan cooperatives, galleries, and studios showing the fine work of many local artists. Here you will find beautiful handmade ceramics, weaving, jewellery, as well as paintings and sculpture created by Bowen artists.


    Helpful Links:

    Artisan Square

    Bowen Island Arts Council




    Everyone has to eat, and there are plenty of choices on Bowen Island! Whether you are stopping for a latte or want to eat a leisurely lunch over looking the coastal mountains, or looking to take out from the local health food store for a beach picnic, Bowen Island offers something for everyone's palette.


    Helpful Links:

    Tourism Bowen Island



    Looking to take something special home from your island visit? Take some time to wander through the clothing and gift shops in historic Snug Cove or Artisan Square. 


    Helpful Links:

    Tourism Bowen Island

    Artisan Square



    Health and Wellness


    If you are looking for some extra self care, the island's health and wellness community is waiting for you. Start your day with an inspiring yoga class, or treat yourself to a few hours of luxurious treatments at a day spa. Whether you are coming for a day, or staying at a retreat centre for a week, Zoom Zoom Bowen will make sure you can get around with ease and flexibility.


    Helpful Links:

    Tourism Bowen Island


  • Connect With Us

    Want to rent a scooter, ask a question, or just say hello? Contact us...

    Phone: 1.604.725.9207

  • What People Are Saying

    "...a WHOLE lot of FUN!.."

    "Renting scooters from Zoom Zoom in town is a great way to get around the island….Todd Strauss-Schulson - Writer and Director (rented a Zoom Zoom "scoot" for 3 weeks)

    "Four grown men on scooters: what's that a recipe for? A hilarious good time! Zoom Zoom Bowen scooters is the best way to see Bowen Island!" David MacLean - Chair, The Executive Committee Canada




    "You did a GREAT job of teaching me how to ride! Thank you! " Crystal Campbell

    "We just did a 2-week road trip from Ontario to Bowen with 4 best friends and this past two hours [on the scooters] was the absolute highlight!" Tina Panetti (and friends)




    "Thank you Zoom Zoom...the best part was the fragrance of the trees and the ocean, not to mention the views and wildlife! It felt great on the roads; everybody was going slow enough to feel safe and enjoy the ride. Thanks!" Joe Schiller, Delta, BC

  • Rental Requirements, Terms & Conditions

    The fine print.

    Rental Requirements & Licensing

    Please note the following requirements:

    1. A valid driver's license is required for all scooter rentals. Renters with a learner's license (L) are not permitted to rent a scooter.
    2. Any driver of a rented scooter must be19 years of age or older.
    3. A valid International Driver's Permit is required for licenses that do not meet Canadian standards.
    4. The renter must be qualified and possess the skills and experience necessary to safely operate the scooter they rent. The renter is able to demonstrate safe operation of the rental scooter.
    5. A damage deposit of $300.00 per scooter is required for all scooter rentals. As long as the scooter is returned  in the same condition that it was rented, the deductible will be refunded. Renters are responsible for the cost of damage to scooters, and this cost will be taken from the deposit.

    Our Terms and Conditions

    All Renters are subject to the following policies:


    1. Renters must read, understand and sign the Rental Agreement and Liability Release Form provided at the time of rental. 
    2. All scooters must remain on Bowen island at all times. 
    3. No other person other than the renter who has signed the rental agreement and liability release is permitted to operate the rented scooter. 
    4. Only the renter who has signed the rental agreement and liability release is permitted to operate, or ride on, the rented scooter.
    5. A DOT helmet will be provided and must be worn at all times during operation of the scooter. 
    6. All renters are subject to BC Traffic Law and must follow the rules of the road accordingly. Renters may NOT take the scooters on trails, and must remain on public roads.
    7. Renters must be present and in the company of a Zoom Zoom staff member for both the initial rental of the scooter as well as final inspection and return of the scooter. 
    8. Alcohol may not be consumed while operating the vehicle. 
    9. Smoking is not permitted while operating the vehicle. 

    Breakdowns, Flat Tires and Accidents:


    Our scooters are maintained regularly and we strive to keep them in excellent condition. We ask that renters return the scooters in the same condition they were when rented out.

    1. Zoom Zoom Bowen will provide the renter with contact numbers for support in the case of an emergency or a breakdown.
    2. In the case of an accident involving injury, the renter should contact emergency services before contacting Zoom Zoom for support.
    3. In the event that a mechanical problem should occur, the renter is responsible for reporting it to Zoom Zoom Bowen as soon as possible. We do carry “back up” scooters and will do what we can to get it to you should the bike need to be taken off the road for repairs.
    4. In the case of a flat tire, please contact your Zoom Zoom Bowen staff member for help. The renter will be charged $25.00 to partially cover the cost the repair. All replacement tires must match the vehicle's manufacture's specifications, and must meet the Transportation Safety Board of Canada's standards.
    5. In the case of an accident that relates in damage to the scooter, the renter will be responsible for the cost of the repair up to the maximum deposit amount of $300. Scooter body damage such as scrapes and dents will be deducted from the $300 deductible. We do not allow renters to arrange repairs or provide replacement parts independently as we must ensure that they meet industry standards.

    Cancellations and Refunds:

    1. Scooters may be reserved by paying a 50% deposit of the rental fee. The balance of the rental, along with the pre-authorized damage deposit of $300, will be collected at the time of the rental.
    2. Cancellations prior to 30 days of the date of the reservation will receive a 50% refund.
    3. Cancellations prior to 14 days of the date of the reservation will receive a 25% refund.
    4. Cancellations within 14 days of date of the reservation will forfeit the full amount of the payment.
    5. No refunds or credits will be issued for scooters returned before the arranged return time.
    6. Renters who do not contact Zoom Zoom Bowen to inform us of their cancellation prior to the date for their rental will forfeit the full value of the reservation fee, and will receive no credit nor a refund.
    7. Cancelations as a result of the renter's failure to meet the rental requirements and licensing ((noted above) are the renter's responsibility. Cancellations are subject to the full value of the rental with no credit or refund to be issued.


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